Diversity Peers

Diversity Peers



Student leadership in IDEAL

Diversity Peers, formerly known as the Student Advisory Coalition, are voluntary student leaders through the Office of IDEAL. Ten undergraduate or graduate students are selected through an interview process during the spring semester, and undergoes an extensive amount of facilitation and community engagement training.

This group of peers assist the office with the planing and implementation of programming for Temple's student population. Additionally, Diversity Peers facilitate workshop presentations and dialogue centralized on concepts of developming cultural humilty and social justice education. 

How to become a Diversity Peer

Applications for this role are available Februrary 21,2017- April 1, 2017. Successful candidates MUST submit a resume and coverletter that demonstrate leadership qualities as well as a committment to diversity. Specific questions will be presented on the electronic application. Students interested in being a Diversity Peer should direct all questions to Nu'Rodney Prad, Drector of Student Engagement at nprad@temple.edu