LGBTQIA Services

LGBTQIA Services

Temple University seeks to cultivate an inclusive community for students, staff, and faculty. The Office of IDEAL collaborates with campus partners to provide resources for the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex, Asexual community. Additionally, our office serves as a safe space for dialogue and program development involving issues of sexuality and identity development.

The Office of IDEAL facilitates a Safe Zone training in partnership with Wellness Resource Center and the Office of University Housing and Residential Life to educate as well as provide ally development. Staff, faculty, and administration can sign up for these trainings via the HR educational site, and students can visit SAFEZONE to check out upcoming dates and signups. 


Temple's main campus has the following three organizatons to serve as a space for providing awareness, advocacy, and socializing. 

  • Queer Student Union (QSU)
  • Queer People of Color (QPOC)

These organizarions provide a great space to discuss historical and current issues whie providing a space of empowerment as well as community building. Specific meeting dates and times can be found on each of the group's Owl Connect pages. 


Created in 2009, National Coming Out Week (NCOW) occurs annually during October to highlight and celebrate National Coming Out Day (NCOD). General programming occuring throughout this 7 day period consist of: NCOW Drag Show, Come Out, Speak Out, NCOW Fest, panel discussions, etc. Stay up to date by visiting



Students can choose from cultural, athletic and social activities that range from student-run clubs and community-service projects to athletic events and musical performances. 

University Housing and Residential Life

Temple’s Office of University Housing and Residential Life works to create group-living environments in which each student is encouraged to develop as an individual in an atmosphere that promotes emotional, social, and intellectual growth.

In addition, University Housing & Residential Life is committed to creating community-living environments that value and promote an appreciation for diversity of cultures, lifestyles and people.

Community Relations 

Through volunteerism in the Temple community, hosting  and partnering with leading community organizations, and providing direct services to the university’s neighbors, the Office of Community Relations is a gateway to the many resources Temple University has to offer our neighbors. Learn more about becoming a volunteer