History of IDEAL

History of IDEAL

Prior to 2014 Academic Year

  • Formerly the Office of Multicultural Affairs

  • Instituional Diversity, Equity, Advocacy and Leadership (IDEAL) strategically received its name to be amongst a leading office that other organizations can model

  • Due to budget cuts in Higher Education during the early 2008, the office announced that it would only provide services and resources for staff and faculty

  • This cut temporarily ceased any student engagement efforts with the expectation that various departments and colleges would provide these resources to students in a decentralized approach

Post 2014 Academic Year

  • IDEAL began incorporating student engagement back into its services and resources during the 2014 academic year

  • During this same year, IDEAL relocated to the former building that once housed Messiah College occupying 3 of the row home styled offices

  • In 2015, the office restructured its staffing to hire its first Director of Student Engagement to provide support, advocacy, and programming opportunities for students at the university

  • Shortly thereafter in 2016, LGBTQIA+ resources were merged into this office from the Wellness Resource Center in order to centee all identity based development in a hoistic manner