Inclusive Programming

Inclusive Programming

We program to create inclusive communities

IDEAL provides a host of events, film series, speaker series, etc through the Director of Student Engagement and Diversity Peers. These type of programs provide a cultural understanding as well as a critical look of how to counter systemic levels of oppressions.

Diversity Peers are appointed by the office to conceptualize, plan and implement programs throughout their academic year. Additionally, IDEAL collaborates with several offices, colleges, and student organizations for successful programs. 

A tip to diversity programming

When conceptualizing a program or presentation, think about your target audience needs. Ensure that you take into account individuals with different abilities rather than concluding that everyone is able bodied/mind.

When hosting diversity and social justice themed programming ensure that you have conducted proper research so that activities and language is inclusive.

If you have further questions about how to be inclusive when programming, you can reach out to the Director of Student Engagement or a Diversity Peer. Below are a few additional tips to consider when programming around diversity:

  • Don't assume that everyone is on the same level of understanding levels of system, oppression, privileges, etc
  • Avoid being a social justice elitist, meaning use reasonable common language 
  • Ensure that language is inclusive to marginalized populations
  • Set community standards and develop a brave space
  • Know when to reach out to campus partners to assist with programming topics