Our student engagement sector has a curriculum designed to focus on identity development, authentic conversations, and civility.

Owl Talks
Global X Learning Immersion
Signature Programs

Owl Talk dialogues are facilitated by Diversity Peers and happen once a month during the academic school year. Each conversation has a different topic to address historical and/or current hot topics. These dialogues are designed for students to have meaningful conversations about issues pertaining to diversity and social justice.

The annual Global Experiential Learning (Global X) trip to South Africa is designed to understand concepts of anti-racism and gentrification by conducting a comparative analysis of the South African Apartheid system to racialized issues in the United States. Learn More about Global X Learning Immersion.

Our office has designed a holistic approach to stimulating social change and fostering diversity and inclusion amongst our student population. ​Learn more about our signature programs.

Some of our signature programs include:

  • Cultural Unity Week                                                
  • MLK 365                                                           
  • NCOW


Get Involved

IDEAL offers a variety of ways for students to get involved with our work. See how you can be the change.