LGBTQIA+ Programming

LGBTQIA+ Programming

National Coming Out Week (NCOW)

National Coming Out Week (NCOW)  is a host of programs held for a 5-7 day period in October on an annual basis. NCOW was introduced to Temple University in the fall of 2009 by two former Resident Directors, Nu'Rodney Prad and Andrew Dies.

Rather than celebrating on a singular day, events and activities were created during the week prior to bring awareness to annual National Coming Day held on October 11th. Programs that are generally hosted through this committee include: panel discussions (race, sexuality, religion), come out-speak out monologues, and the NCOW Fest!


IDEAL and university partners are excited to host an LGBTQIA welcome week event! ‘OuTu’ is designed to showcase the broad variety of opportunities and organizations that are open and welcoming to incoming and returning LGBTQIA students.