Global Experiential Learning

Global Experiential Learning


Institutional Diversity, Equity, Advocacy and Leadership in partnership with International Student Affairs will be hosting the 2nd annual global experiential (Global X) and social justice trip to South Africa during May 2020.  The application process is open to all enrolled Temple University students. IDEAL and ISA will select approximately 9-13 students from the application pool to participate in this global experience. Applications will open TBA, and will close TBA


This trip has been designed to promote inclusive leadership while better understanding how to dismantle various levels of systemic oppressions, adversity, and exclusive practices. Students will be engaged in techniques of intergroup dialogues and social change model in order to better understand how they can contribute to being the change in society.  Eligibility for this trip includes the following:

  • currently enrolled as a Temple University student
  • no probationary status from the Office of Student Conduct
  • Initial $700 deposit by TBA
  • final $700 installment due by TBA
  • availability to meet on a weekly basis for a 1-1.5hr lecture during the spring 2020 semester, excluding spring break
  • viability to present at the Inclusive Leadership Conference 2021 about concepts of social justice in utilizing this experiential trip to guide the presentation
  • 100% completion of the required application


The South Africa Global Experiential (Global X) trip will begin on TBA. Cape Town and Johannesburg are the cities in which this experiential learning will take place. This trip will include the following components for students within the total $1,400 payment:

  • roundtrip airfare
  • roundtrip travel from Temple University to the airport
  • select amount of meals while on the trip
  • lodging for the total duration of trip
  • journal and books to track and understand global experience
  • entry to all educational sites in South Africa 

This trip's $1,400 package  does not include the following:

  • Passport fees
  • Visa and traveling fees
  • Immunization
  • Check baggage and luggage
  • 2 nights of dinner

We look forward to recieving your application, however if you should have any questions, please contact:

Leah Hetzell
Director of International Student Affairs

Nu'Rodney Prad
Director of Student Engagement (IDEAL)