What Is Harm?

The word harm can be interpreted in a lot of ways, making it difficult to clearly define. In general, though, we can think of harm as conduct that adversely affects one’s physical health, emotional wellbeing or sense of safety. Harm can be physical, psychological, sexual, or even self-induced. Harm, even when unintentional, can cause lasting damage that disrupts a person’s life in pervasive and often unpredictable ways. We call this trauma.

The primary responsibility of the Title IX office to reduce the risk of sexual and gender-based harm at Temple as well as create pathways to safety for those who have been harmed already. 

If you’ve experienced harm or discrimination at Temple, here are several ways to report what happened to you.


Types of Reporting



Students can confidentially report harm to:

Tuttleman Counseling Services:
Phone: 215-204-7276
Website: https://counseling.temple.edu/

Student Health Services:
Phone: 215-204-7500
Website: http://www.temple.edu/studenthealth/

Women Organized Against Rape:
Phone: 215-985-3333 (24-hour hotline)
Website: https://www.woar.org/

Staff and Faculty can confidentially report harm to:

Employee Health Services:
Phone: 215-204-2679
Website: http://www.temple.edu/employeehealth/

Employee Assistance Program:
phone: 888-267-8126