The Diversity Trainer Institute comprises a designated amount of workshops for members of the Temple University community to receive a non-credit certificate focusing on multicultural education and/or gender & sexuality inclusion.

Staff and Faculty

Students, staff and faculty members are eligible to participate in the Gender and Sexuality Inclusion section of the Diversity Institute.

Members have two options to participate: 

1. You can receive a certificate after successfully completing the following workshop sections:

  • Safe Zone I- Understanding LGBTQIA+ Issues

  • Safe Zone II- Advocating for the LGBTQIA+ Community

2. You can become a Certified Safe Zone Trainer after successfully completing the following steps:

Staff and faculty members are eligible to participate in the Multicultural Education section of the Diversity Institute and can receive a certificate. Contact us below for more information. 

Contact Us

The Diversity Trainer Institute is a series of workshops taught by Diversity Trainers, a trained group of university staff, faculty, and community members that attend structured training through our office to enhance skills in facilitating social justice and diversity conversations. To learn additional information about this training contact the following individuals below:

The workshops are designed to train students, staff and faculty to lead discussions centered around diversity and inclusion. Trained individuals go on to lead sessions that count as part of the Diversity Institute or Safe Zone curriculum.