Experiential Learning in South Africa

Institutional Diversity, Equity, Advocacy and Leadership in partnership with International Student Affairs (ISA) hosts the annual Global Experiential Learning (Global X) trip to South Africa. The is trip is designed to understand concepts of anti-racism and gentrification by conducting a comparative analysis of the South African Apartheid system to racialized issues in the United States.

Additionally, Global X Learning trip has been designed to promote inclusive leadership while better understanding how to dismantle various levels of systemic oppression, adversity, and exclusive practices. Students will be engaged in techniques of intergroup dialogues and social change models in order to better understand how they can contribute to being the change in society. 

IDEAL and ISA will select 9-13 students from the application pool to participate in this global experience.


How to apply

Applications are generally available during the Fall semester. Once submitted, the Global X facilitators will invite all qualified applicants to an interview. 

All cohort of students is required to participate in pre-departure sessions that occur once a week for 1 hour 30 minutes. These sessions are designed to have effective conversations about social justice. Students attending are automatically registered for the the annual Inclusive Leadership Conference to present over topics learned through the experience. 

The total cost of this immersive experience is $1,400. A $700 deposit will be due in advance. This amount is inclusive of travel, *meals, lodging, etc. 

Qualification to participate in Global Experiential Learning include:

  • Full time matriculating student at Temple University
  • Have no outstanding or unsatisfied student conduct violations
  • Ability to cover the financial commitment
  • Ability to attend all pre-departure meetings and the Inclusive Leadership Conference

Cape Town and Johannesburg

During this ten-day trip, students will travel to Cape Town and Johannesburg to learn additional information about the cities vibrant culture, history, and how the Apartheid impacted these areas. Our partner, Global Engagement, organizes onsite activities and dialogues to foster the experiential element. 

Students will receive a comprehensive schedule in advance of the trip outlining daily activities.