Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Non-Credit Certificate

Enhance Inclusivity

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion is a non-credit certificate offered to faculty, staff, and students interested in enhancing their cultural lens and exploring how social identity influences our perceptions, attitudes, behaviors, and beliefs. The three-session certificate is meant to build the diversity, equity, and inclusion lens as part of university employees' professional development including:

  • Cultivating a brave space for participants
  • Engaging in difficult dialogues
  • Hands-on activities promoting an inclusive society
How to Apply
Delivery Method

Dates are coming soon to sign up. For additional information regarding the BAJEDI certificate dates, contact us at ideal@temple.edu.

All courses are delivered online. You can enroll part- or full-time and have up to two years to complete the certificate program.

Contact our office for more information about this program, how to apply, and your application status at ideal@temple.edu.

Certificate Details

For additional information regarding the Diversity Equity and Inclusion certification, please contact us at ideal@temple.edu.