Building LGBTQIA+ support and awareness

National Coming Out Week (NCOW)  was introduced to Temple University in the fall of 2009 by two former Resident Directors, Nu'Rodney Prad and Andrew Dies. It serves as an outlet for providing notable resources to students, staff, and faculty members. It also further provides visibility and ally development for members of the Temple community that welcomes a safe space for members of the LGBTQ community.


NCOW's annual host of programs is held for a 5-7 day period in October geared toward bringing awareness to National Coming Day held on October 11th. Rather than celebrating on a singular day, events and activities were created during the week prior to increase target awareness of National Coming Day and current societal norms and how they impact the LGBTQ community. Programs generally hosted through this committee include panel discussions (race, sexuality, religion), come-out-speak-out monologues, and the NCOW Festival!

Festival & Speakout
Queer Connect
Drag Show

NCOW Festival: A kickoff event to allow students to get to know the LGBTQIA+ friendly organizations on campus and in Philadelphia. There will be a stand for each one for students to walk around to and get to know.

Come Out, Speak Out: A space that allows students to come and share their coming out stories or express themselves artistically in other ways. In the past we have invited slam poets and acapella groups.

As a part of the week-long festivities, we feature a keynote speaker from the LGBTQIA+ community.

This is an event in collaboration with the Temple Career Center. It brings together a virtual panel, with some prominent LGBTQIA+ business people in the community and on campus to talk about navigating the professional world as an LGBTQIA+ member. It also involved conversations about making the workplace more inclusive.

We always end the week with a vivacious, entertaining and informed night that combines entertainment and educational content on the history of drag, while introducing the current drag community.

NCOW AT Temple

The NCOW committee works to accomplish the goals of Temple’s diverse student, staff, and faculty population while creating a more integrated atmosphere for discussions about the LGBTQIA+ community.